Cheaper Meds

Cheaper Meds

Cheaper Meds

Free Online Tool for Sharing Health Updates

Find a Community Health Center with Sliding Fees for Healthcare

Access to Food

Mental Health Help

Mental Health Help

Mental Health Help

Mental Health Help

Find a Muslim Therapist

Mental Health Help

Find a Therapist of Color

Find a Therapist of Color

Mental Health Help

Mental Health Help

Mental Health Help

Mental Health Help

Mental Health Help

Mental Health Help

Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Provides Health Coverage to Eligible Children

Health Insurance Help

Network of Food Banks and Food Programs

Cheaper Meds

Cheaper Meds

Find Senior Food Programs

Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) Provides Food Benefits To Low-Income Families To Supplement Their Grocery Budget

Helps D.C.-Area Residents Find Local Nutrition Education And Job Training Programs

Online Learning Hub: Offers Videos, Lessons, Tips And Resources On Eating Healthy And Getting Active

Free 24/7 Helpline

Offers Assistance to People with Rare Diseases

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Free 24/7 Helpline Treatment Referral and Information Service for Individuals and Families Facing Mental And/Or Substance Use Disorders

Confidential And Anonymous Resource For Persons Seeking Treatment For Mental And Substance Use Disorders In The United States And Its Territories

Video Chat Helpline Provides Support For People Dealing With Cancer

Assists Your Focus As You Complete Daily Exercises Designed To Refresh Your Brain

App For Families Of Children With Chronic Illnesses

Helps People Locate Assistance Programs To Help Them Afford Their Medications And Other Healthcare Costs

Helps Federally And Commercially Insured People Living With Life-Threatening, Chronic And Rare Diseases With The Out-Of-Pocket Costs For Their Prescribed Medications

Helping The Underinsured Afford Critical Medical Treatments

Provides Direct Financial Assistance To Insured Patients Who Meet Certain Qualifications To Help Them Pay For The Out-Of-Pocket Costs For Prescriptions And/Or Treatments They Need

Helps Patients And Families Facing High Medical Out-Of-Pocket Costs By Providing Financial Assistance Under Their Disease Programs

Provides Resources For Life-Saving And Life-Extending Treatments

Helps People Obtain Critical Medications That They Would Normally Have Trouble Affording

Most Current And Comprehensive Directory Of
Patient Assistance Programs

Information And Tools To Empower You To Live Successfully With A Disease

Search Engine For Many Of The Patient Assistance Resources That The Biopharmaceutical Industry Offers

Works Through Referring Professionals (Caseworkers, Case Managers, Healthcare Workers, Social Workers, School Counselors, Teachers, Clergy) Who Apply On Behalf Of Their Patients And Clients Needing Mobility Equipment, Prosthetics, Glasses, Dentures, Hearing Aids, And Much More

Directory Of 1,400 Free And Charitable Clinics And Pharmacies Providing Access To Healthcare For Uninsured And Underinsured People In Communities Across The U.S

Provides Access To Dental Care And Education For People Who Cannot Afford It, And Who Have A Permanent Disability, Or Who Are Elderly (Age 65 Or Older), Or Who Are Medically Fragile

Provides Free Dental Care To Those In Need

Aids Patients Who Have Experienced Difficulty Affording Health Care From Their Health Plans

Offers Free Testing Programs For Communities In Need, And Ensures Laboratory Results Are Explained And Define Patients Next Steps

Lists Durable Medical Equipment Programs By State

Collects, Refurbishes And Re-Issues Used Power Wheelchairs At Little Or No Expense To The New User. Most Equipment Is 90% Below Market Value

Provides Free Wheelchairs To Every Child, Teen, And Adult Worldwide Who Needs One But Has No Means To Acquire One

Providing Wheelchairs And Other Medical Disabilities To People In The Metro Atlanta, Georgia Area With Disabilities

Provides Physically Challenged Children And Youth With Refurbished Durable Medical And Adaptive Equipment In Circumstances When Their Families Do Not Have The Means To Pay For Mobility Aids

Matches Donated Wheelchairs With Needy Recipients Who Cannot Afford Or Qualify For Wheelchairs In The United States

Magic Mobility Van Program: Donated Wheelchair Vans And Vehicles Are Given To Physically Disabled Persons Who Are Not Able To Afford Them

Refurbished Mobility Wheelchairs And Manufactures Pediatric Wheelchairs To Distribute To Physically Challenged People Around The World Through International Sponsors

Provides Prosthetic Care, Hope, And Comfort To Amputees Needing Financial Support. They Help Uninsured And Underinsured Amputees Get The Prosthetic Limbs They Need

Curated The Following Resource Guides Specifically For Members Of The BIPOC Community Struggling With Substance Abuse Or Mental Illness